About Reverend Parsons

Rev. Parsons: Minister for over 40 years.

reverend-parsonsReverend Scott Allan Parsons is an ordained minister who has been performing wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows for over forty years. He is a non-denominational minister who delights in marrying couples from all over the world from all backgrounds and religions who come to Cabo San Lucas to have a memorable wedding experience in this beautiful setting.

He can create the perfect wedding ceremony for each couple to reflect their beliefs, hopes and vows to each other. Every wedding is unique and special to the couple, their family and friends. No matter the size of your wedding group or if you are having a personal wedding just with the two of you, your event can be staged and your ceremony can be the heart and soul of your wedding.

mexican-wedding-4Reverend Parsons has had the pleasure of performing ceremonies for all the major and minor wedding planners and hotel events managers. He can also be contacted directly by the engaged couple to officiate at their wedding. Whether you have your wedding on the beach, in a church, in a garden, on a balcony, in a hotel, on a yacht, or in a private home; a lovely wedding ceremony with a caring and sincere minister who loves his special calling can be part of your special day…

He can also assist you in the matter of the requirements for a legal marriage in Mexico through the Civil Registry Office. The discussion of all matters are private, confidential and without any fees.

He can be reached by phone during the hours of 11.00 AM to 1.00PM (Mountain Standard Time) seven days a week at his office in Cabo San Lucas by dialling from the US 011-52-624-143-3733. Or through the San Diego phone number of his affiliate wedding company, Cabo Dream Weddings at (619) 793-5483.