What could be more wonderful than your wedding day?

The day you will remember for the rest of your life.  Your marriage ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day.  It can be a magical time, one in which you offer to each other your highest aspirations for your future together.

You have chosen Cabo San Lucas for your wedding.  this beautiful beach paradise can provide the most wonderful facilities to provide you with an unforgettable wedding.  You can have your ceremony on the beach, in a church, in a garden area, on a yacht, or at a private home.  

Reverend Scott Alan Parsons has been an Ordained Minister for forty years.  He has lived in Cabo San Lucas for the last 18 years and performs wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows.  He can assist you in planning your wedding event by referring you to  He can arrange for you to be married in Mexico through the Civil Registry office before a Mexican Judge. Then you can enjoy the special wedding celebration.

Reverend Parsons can create a marriage ceremony that will embody your aspirations and beliefs.  It will embrace those most dear to you.  Whatever your faith or religion, a special marriage ceremony will be created for your wedding.   Those special promises that you will make to one another are what will anchor your vision for your married life together.  Your vows will be based on your personal beliefs and values, the things you hold dear in life and in your relationship.

Have the ceremony of your dreams.

Wedding Ceremonies & Vows

Reverend Parsons is a non-denominational minister who delights in marrying couples from all over the world from all backgrounds and religions who come to Cabo San Lucas to have a memorable wedding experience in this beautiful resort.

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Wedding Planners & Venues

A list of wedding planners recommendedd by Reverend Parsons. Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants where Rev. Parsons has performed wedding ceremonies under the direction of Special Events Planners and hotel staff.

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Gregg & Sandi Montefiore

My Beloved Rev. Parsons! Heart felt thanks for making Gregg & I’s Wedding the best in the world. Your words were perfect & went straight to our hearts. We speak of them everyday & how special you were. You know the importance of having the LORD present & you truly brought him to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Have a very blessed day, Gregg & Sandi Montefiore

Scott & Michelle Maylor

Dear Rev. Scott Parsons, Thank you kindly for your touching and spiritual blessings. Scott and I are sincerely appreciative of your time and beautiful Ceremony in which you performed in June at the El Dorado Country Club. It was our dream come true….Everything and then some !! 

With sincere appreciation and gratitude, Scott & Michelle Maylor